I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject. The idea is somewhat unclear to me. How I feel about it.

Long discussion about being emotional and being “smart”. Why are these two seen as opposed or different? Why is being promoted to be analytical and not emotionally mature? Why do I keep hearing about how someone hidding and suppressing is a “strong” person? I think it is more challenging to be able to be and show your true self, to let yourself be free to feel and express it. It is far more easy to behave, act and pretend the way society tells us to.

I am not talking here about the emotionally instable, the emotionally imature, childish behaviour. It is not about doing whatever you want, whenever you want, disregarding others. I am not talking about fighting or having a tantrum. I am talking about feeling inside, let your mind be free with both emespheres. It is about having a full view of life, experience a 360 degree, not just the “logical” side.

I think that the ones who cannot or do not let themselves feel, are missing so much out of the experience. It is disconnecting people on a spiritual and profound level, both inside and out.

Tuning in your sensitivity can inrich your life. You will experience all in a more intense way. The wave of the sea, the sound of the birds, the noise in the city. You will be able to release yourself from tension or from a certain state, as you will become more aware and centered. Not self centered. But grounded.

What I have experienced today was a bit of a rollercoaster. Recently I had to make a decision for myself that caused a great deal of pain. It is to myself mostly , I didn’t harm anyone or anything. Today it brought a little bit of bitterness. I cried. I am happy to have felt it. I feel and that is important.

I decided after a good hour of nothing, to do my usual “lift me up” activity, which includes but is not limited to running, walking or biking in nature. On the way back, I stopped and watched the sun go down. It looked like the sky was on fire. Such beauty. So grateful. I cried. Both because I am blessed to see it but also to feel that warm pain in my heart.

I was supposed to go out but cancelled and watched a documentary instead. As if it was meant to be. I think it was. I recommend it, it is called Innsaei (available on Netflix).

One of my friends told me that he appreciates me more because I feel and express. Another was surprised when we were walking and I stopped to look at the moon. In fact it was a few. As I stop to see the moon, the sunset, the waves, the flowers, the trees, the architecture, listen to the sounds, to breath it all in. Some call it weird. I take that as a compliment 😉

A lot of my imbalance comes from not listening to my intuition. I had some bad experience last year because I listened and although the lesson was good, I became afraid and closed my eyes to it. I am slowly coming back . I think this entry doesn’t make much sense. It can’t, as it is not clear to me either. I am trying to express something that isn’t fully shaped in my mind.

As I cannot say more, for now, I encourage you to watch the video . The way the performer (Marina) deals with the lost love, as she sees him after a long time, it shows how deep our emotions are.

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