How about?

I decided to dish some of the frustration built in the past few ?weeks? Here goes…

How about when you send me a message, you start with “good morning “ not “where are you …”

How about instead of shoving yourself down the train stairs, you give me some room and ask me if you can help with my luggage ? <Out of goodness of heart not because you think you have to or I can’t >

How about instead of bitching about me being bitter you aknowledge I am pushing away your negativity?

How about instead of stereotyping women vs men, you take ownership of chores around the house?

How about instead of leaving the mom to take care of the child alone, you be a real man and take responsibility?

How about instead of bitching about how unfair life has been to you, you acknowledge where you really are and do something about it?

How about you start behaving like an adult and stop with childish stuff like “I’m not coming if she/he’s coming”.

How about you don’t blaim your mom for your shortcomings?

How about you stop complaining about the society and start looking at yourself?

How about you stop jumping from one guy to the next and instead be single and process a bit?

How about you stop saying you dealt with everything in your past and are ok and open your eyes and see the insecurities ?

How about you let yourself be vulnerable?

How about you stop being a control freak and let people be who they are?

How about you explore the world before you decide it’s too <fill in stuff like “scary “, “dangerous “, “not worth it”>?

How about you brush your teeth, wash your hair, clean yourself up?

How about you feed your soul instead of deciding spirituality is weakness?

How about saying straight what you think instead of gossip?

How about stop pretending you know better than others and butt out of people’s lives?

How about stop manipulating, cheating and deceiving others and yourself and be true and real?

How about stop lying that you’re ok and tell me the truth?

How about stop reading between the lines and see what’s in front of you?

How about you start sharing when you know already you can trust me?

How about you stop eating crap and stay up late and instead eat healthy and rest properly?

How about you stop with ridiculous diets and instead learn to be healthy?

How about you stop finding excuses why you’re not where you want to be and instead find reasons to fight for your dream?

How about when I ask about you, you don’t snap at me like I am after something?

How about you accept the gifts I give without wanting to give something in return ? <that’s a trade and diminishes my good intetion>

How about you don’t tell me how I am supposed to feel and instead acknowledge and validate me?

How about you don’t tell me how to do my job and trust me instead?

How about you don’t ovework everyone until they quit?

How about you start thinking about the loved ones and not the careere soo much? <Life is short, you know?>

How about you travel, see the world, let yourself experience love and kindness, sharing, peace and joy?

Let yourself be happy for fudge sake! Change only comes from within.

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