A short Sunday and a hellish three days of UAT did not distract me from enjoying my Zürich moment.

I’ve been meaning  to go to Switzerland for the mountains and the cheese but haven’t managed to plan it yet. It’s still on my list. But, the past four days I had to be there for work. Of course is not the same when you go for work or for pleasure but at times we can combine. At least I do. Lots don’t. And I don’t understand the benefits of traveling for work if you don’t make time to see something. But to each is own. So a full day on Sunday, I visited this lovely city by the lake. 

My way of visiting is a bit chaotic but somehow organised chaos as well as demanding. Why? Because I go out in the morning and until late at night am not going back to the hotel. The beauty of this place is that it has a big lake and moutains in the horizon. Lots and lots of boats, beautiful weather and couples holding hands. So many couples. Really. 

This is a city to visit where you’re inlove. When you want to see something romantic but not nauseating-romantic. I would say somewhere in between Paris and London . You can enjoy it as well with friends or alone. All works. One piece of advice, if you enjoy hiking, put those shoes on the travel list. Not far from the center, but still in the town, there’s a trail that takes you up on the moutain. Ok, mini-moutain because it’s around 800-ish above sea level and for swiss standards that’s nothing . But the view is breathtaking. Especially if you run up hill, cause it’s very steep. Which I didn’t because, as I recommend the hiking shoes,  I was not well equipped. And to be frank, I didn’t even know when I left the hotel that I will be doing that. I kinda’ played it by ear.

I think swiss people are quite active, as it was very busy everywhere I went, but keep in mind that no shops are open on Sunday, so that might be also an explanation. Not even Supermarkets. What the?! It was hard to find some shop to buy water, snack etc. And what I found oh my God so expensive. Everything. Insane.

In the evenings I was accompanied by my colleague , who’s trip was the first one for work and first time in Zürich, so she was really happy to go walk after we finished. The days in the office where quite stressful so going out was the right thing to do.

We experienced food. Yup, experienced. That’s the perfect word for it. I am  a sucker for cheese and wine so naturally, Zürich blew my mind. We tried fondue (I was a fondue virgin before this) and raclette, accompanied by their local wine. Oh, it was so perfect that we forgot about the work drama. 
My early morning runs happened in the dark, as the light comes quite late, therefore I was lucky enough to see some beautiful almost-sunrises. 

All in all successful four days. Except for the pain of the UAT. And the drama. The personal drama and the work one. Which somehow didn’t spoil my joyful mood. Because mountains. Because lake. Because sun. Because cheese. And the wine… oh, the sweet, delicious wine.❤️

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