No sh!t

Was given today. Well no f#ck was given today. I had nice evening plans, which got cancelled in the last moment. No surprise there, to be honest.

So since these days I don’t have ideas on what to do in combination with being an active person, I decided to just do that. Go. Like in “old” days. Walk. Where? Doesn’t matter. Put my shoes on and left the house.

So I take a bus, go to the end of the line and go for a walk. I was planning on walking for 5-10 min and then go back. Was listening to music and walking. The sea was particularly agitated (probably some leftover from a storm). The night was rather dark, as it was cloudy but in Netherlands it never gets too dark. Plus, the city was not that far, so a bit of light was coming from the houses behind the dunes.

It was windy but warm and so beautiful. Those clouds, partially covering the sky, were looking just like cotton candy. I was dancing, singing, all alone on the beach in the dark. The evening was exactly like my life, unlighted, beautiful and alone. I saw two people the whole hour(s?) I walked. I wondered what’s up with those weirdos walking alone in the dark. But we did say hi, so I guess that’s as far as we were in the mood to socialize. In the end, we were all there for the same reason, avoid people.

Ok, so usually during these walks, lots of ideas come to mind. But as I was saying at the begging, am in a “boredom “ phase, so not much was happening.

I’ll tell you one thing. I thought I’ll be scared to walk in the dark, alone, on the beach far from the city. But you know what? When you don’t give a flying f#ck, you’re not scared. And it’s interesting. Because I know also that expression or whatever it is, to be scared of those people that have nothing to lose. I guess I am in that situation. However, still no idea what to do or where to go. It will come when it comes, not worried too much.

So…still bored my friend, still bored. But I am waiting to hear on that volunteer thing, so that’s good. I’ll keep you posted.

Nice evening my dear!

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