Tell me the truth

And it will set you free. Hmmm… one of the things I’ve learned in this life is that people don’t want to hear the truth. They prefer ignorance, so they can leave in their fantasy. What we are really seeking is approval and some sort of a confirmation that what we think or do is the right thing. Or better yet, the only possible approach. As soon as the answer is, “you know I don’t really agree with your action/statement”, there is a cold wall build and either there will be immense resistance, argument, explanations or simply we have upset them. Why ask for someone’s opinion if you will not respect it? The opinion that is. Because in the end, that’s all that it is.

What we need to remember here is, if I have a different view than yours or not, it doesn’t mean that my way is the right way. It might not even be right for anyone. Or maybe the story I am telling has nothing to do with you, but me (most cases). My experience, my thoughts, my opinions, my believes, whether in contradictory, agreement or neutral to yours, are still mine and you can take them or not.  That is up to you. But snap at someone for being different, shows more about you than it does of me.

Short story telling. I went out with a group of guys (work, that is, I am surrounded by them, it’s the industry, not a personal choice) . We were exchanging ideas about how relationships work. One of the guys was quite young (which is not necessarily an explanation , but it can be) and he was telling us, how when he will be in a relationship, he will do this and that and if the girl (woman, not sure what he was looking for) doesn’t approve, they will split. One of the other guys replied, how he was naive to think that’s how it works and how much work you need to put into something so it will be healthy supportive one. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. But anyway, what I said was, that the reason why I am single at the moment is because I chose not to continue with relationships that were not fit for me, with guys that although nice, I didn’t feel like forcing it. Of course the reaction of the “older” guy was to take it personally, and attack me, saying that I have implied that he’s in a wrong relationship. I have no idea who he is with, I don’t know her and I barely know him. Maybe my comment struck a note in his mind, but my story is about me, not him. If he chose to read that from my words, it is not my fault.

Another friend was telling me about how he is handling his life, as he is struggling with money, personal emotional stuff and some other things. I try to comfort people, but it doesn’t always work for me. So whenever faced with a situation when I feel the need to say “snap out of it”, I try to keep my opinion to myself. I can’t agree nor disagree because whatever I will say it will sound like an attack.  But shutting up doesn’t work either. Because I get slammed. The person in question felt he can handle, yet somehow, after I tell my side of it, we don’t talk for days. Ok, well that’s that. Some people can’t handle a different point of view. Most that I have encountered. On one hand is rather lonely life when you decide to be upfront to people and avoid as much as possible sugar coating. I’m not trying to encourage people to be rude or mean. I am not saying my way is the right way. But for God’s sake, if you ask for my opinion and I tell you, you’re not going to like it, either trust me and don’t push it or be adult and handle it. It’s not about the ultimate belief, it is mearly a story, my story.

Ok, I bitched about it enough. Going to bed now. 😆

Have a happy day going forward 🙄🤗

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