Sheep, ship, hooray!

I tied the knot today. Literally. Picture below.

Zuiderzeemuseum is a beautiful place surounded by water. It used to be a fisherman’s village at some point in time but it kinda’ flopped after the area was cut off from the North sea in 1932, becoming an inland sea.

Nowadays, we have the museum which is a some sort of an expo about life in Netherlands in the older timez. You can see all sorts of small craftman’s shops such as smithy, fishing crafts, fish smoking shed as well as a post office, pharmacist or butcher.

Here’s a guy who was reading stories…

All the meat in the butcher shop was fake which was on one hand a relief because you see in the window a big leg of a cow, and on the other hand again relief. I really didn’t feel like smelling some dead animal’s carcass. No thank you. Cause you can imagine nobody goes to a museum to buy meat. Or do they?

The cheese however was real and very dead. At least it smelled dead in there. But that’s cheese so…I guess I’ll have to let that one slide…

The people who “work” in the crafts are either old people who (I assume) are retired or guys who look like dutch vikings .The whole steam from the coal and the guy working there made me wonder. Shouldn’t we appreciate handcraft work more? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I mean…what you do with your own hands is always better 😅

But back to my story…so I’m walkin’ visiting and I stop to see the interior of a house. It seems that they kept their animals in the house. It kinda’ looked like the garage where you parked your horse and cow. You can reach the stable through a corridor from the living room. I guess practical. I also guess, stinky.

Another interesting thing they do there is organised activities. One of which was some school thing for kids. The one I captured, dressed in traditional clothing, I would say, looks like a mini russian. Mkay

Fun fact. The “dream catcher ” you see is actually fish filet, drying in the “dutch” sun. So basically in wind and rain. But the dead fish hanging is catching nightmares, or creating some. Not sure.

While I am writing, am on my way back home. Lucky as a heavy rain just started. And grateful to have the opportunity to see such wonderful places. And people. Making fishnets. 😊 Happy weekend my dear reader!

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