(K)night in shining armor

Love is not limited by space and time. Or so one of my colleagues told me. And I chose to believe it. Why? Because it’s like a balm for my heart. What a beautiful picture!

Ok, well sure, I am a romantic. One of those idiot romantics even. Because I believe in the knight in shining armor. He might be gay or metrosexual or french. Because I will be very not-politically correct here and say these three are the ones that actually care about how they look like [shining armor reference of course, just in case we’re not on the same train (of thoughts)] . I think it’s a form of self respect… taking care of yourself. But I am babbling again, some people hate me for this statement. So back to my metrosexual gay french knight in shinning armor . He has a horse! A white horse even. Or maybe he has a white bike (I live in NL, it’s very likely). Or maybe a white car or just a pair of white shoes. Because the white is the only focus. The means of transport is not so important. But he definitely has a good pair of running shoes. We’re talking about my prince charming not yours. I mean what do I know, maybe yours has too! Or maybe you’re the knight and then/maybe you have a princess, and you should be the one wearing the white stuff. Ok, I think that’s some drug I think, maybe not. It sounds like white stuff would be an alter name for a drug.

Ok, so we established that my white horse/shoes/bike gay metrosexual french prince charming exists, yes? Going from here is, did someone snatch him on the way? Maybe. Or maybe he’s too busy looking at himself in the mirror while pushing weights at the gym, to look me up. Oh man, what kind of guy am I into? Hmm… now I have a new question to answer. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much in my own head.

Yes, I do believe in real love, it’s not limited to romantic stuff. Back to my original point, about no space, no time. What does that mean? I have literally no idea. But I think I can come up with some sort of a definition here. You know those friends that you don’t talk to for months or even years but when you see each other you are super happy and behave as if you were never apart? That’s I think it. The connection you have was there all along, and you just stretched, but the distance and the time didn’t change a thing. Or old lovers who reunite. I’ve seen recently quite a few who rekindled their past loves. I wonder if rekindle has anything to do with the e-book? Maybe not. Anyways, technology did have a bit to do with those romantics re encounters. In their case, the love past the test of time and space. Some reunited although they lived in different countries and haven’t seen each other for years. You know who you are, give yourself a high five and stop bitching about the weather.

There you have it. A  happy thought from my dark, dark heart. Smile today. For whatever reason.

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