Letter to my love…

I don’t know if we know each other already or I will meet you sometime in my future. But there are a few things I want to tell you beforehand, or well late if we know eachother already. This is a preparation for you, like a disclaimer, so you know what you are getting into. I don’t want to hear you say you didn’t know. You have it all here.

Expect hard work. Not just on your side, on both. You already know that you are difficult, you have a lot of bagage and that you are sensitive and hard to handle by most. That’s why you chose me, that’s why I chose you. You are stubborn, hard to get, difficult most times, smart ass and confident. In the end we should have something in common. You know what you want and go for it. You are strong and ambitious. But also a little insecure, aren’t we all? You have a strange sense of humour and are very active. 

I am demanding. I want to travel, see the world, with you by my side (most times). I want you at my races, I want me at yours. I want to wear stupid tshirts that say embarrassing stuff about you and your obsession about whatever sport you are doing. I want to celebrate your achievements. I want to show you how proud I am to be with you and support you in everything. I want the same from your side. In the end, we are partners and best friends, aren’t we? I admire your wish to work and have a career. But love comes first. No plans get canceled for work. No freaking way I get old and wrinkly waiting for you to finish your meetings and business dinners. They won’t be the things I’ll remember at the end of my life. The smiles, the laughter , the fun activities in werid places and countries we will stay. Those will be the memories I will keep dear to my heart. 

I want to wake up and smell the fresh coffee by the water. Look at the mountains holding your hand while we start our hiking tour. I want to explore nature and cities. I want to fall inlove with you in Paris and Prague, in south of France and north of Romania, I want to go with you to Peru again, to show you what I’ve seen. I want to go to Madagascar and Japan, have our honeymoon in Maldive, swimming, exploring and spending mornings in the bungalow. I want to bike, run, swim, hike, rollerblade, ski, cook, sail, dance and try new things with you. I want to sip wine and enjoy nice romantic dinners. 

I want to take care of you, to embrace you when you need, to listen to you, to hold your hand. I want to be there for you no matter what, to fight for you, for us. I want to love you unconditionally, care for you, and move moutains for you. I want to show you how proud I am to be with you, how strong you are. I want to remind you daily that you are amazing, sexy, smart and will kick ass. Every day. You know I can, you know I want, just let me. You won’t find a crazy ass strong woman like me and you know it. I might be hard to handle, I might be demanding, crazy, stubborn. But so are you! I’ll respect your space, and you’ll respect my “me” time. We’ll travel with friends and alone, we’ll be together and apart but always the hearts will be in sync. We will make it work, as difficult as it may be. 

 I will be yours and you’ll be mine. When you get to me. Because I am not looking for you, that’s on your side. I will sit here waiting. 
You don’t know how to find me? Go to the beach and look for a monkey dancing lady screaming at the sea. You don’t know how to get me? Chase me when I bike, chase me when I run. I am out all the time. But we will meet, if we haven’t already. 

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