Love has left the building

At least my building. Have no idea where it went and if it will ever come back. But for now, all my windows, doors are shut and I am not even home. Muahaha ! <<evil laughter >>

Well so what the freakin hell happened to the world? I mean flower power and love all around in the 60’s. Did they consume everything and we have nothing left? I had an interesting conversation about the non existance of love. My theory, because that’s why we’re all here, to listen to my theory, is that love is one and only. It’s the crap we put on top of it that makes it suck. Sometimes. If you believe in the whole Prince Charming story, I suggest you stop reading. Anyways, so my theory is, we have love, which is the main ingredient. We have love for friends, we have love for family, we have love for our furry friends, we have love for music, travel, history, neighbors, the whole deal.  All love is the same. Kinda’ like the foundation of a building, if you will. It is what we put on top of it, the quantity and quality that makes the difference. We have a friend, let’s call him Jimmy.  We have lots of love for him,  he was there to listen to our crap, pick up the homework, go to concerts, drive us around. We decide that we love him so much that we friendzone the shit out of him. Haha Jimmy, now you’re screwed. He wants more, so on his side, there’s something else build on top. He puts lust, desire on the foundation. That’s how you get romantic-non-friendzony relationship.

Ok so that’s my theory. In romantic relationships we have a lot of attachment also. We expect the other to behave in a certain way and if he doesn’t, we get upset, we fight, we breakup, we make up, the whole drama. I’m trying to figure out how we can get out of the loop and if we can, because I kinda’ lost faith. I mean, I had two rings, one said the word “hope” , the other said “love, hope, faith and peace”. The first one broke, so I threw it in the river in Luxembourg. The other just broke at the word “hope” so it also goes in the ocean. No more hope. Nop. Nop. Nop

now, I see everyone breaking up, divorcing or stuck in wrong unhappy relationships. I have a hard time finding a good example. I had one, a dear friend of mine, she’s divorcing. How’s that for a slap in the face? Mkay, so barely any good examples to inspire me. That usually didn’t stop me from believing in stuff. I do lots of things that I don’t see necessarily others trying or succeding. Somehow I got to a point where I am not so sure I want any of it anymore. In fact right now, I am sitting in bed, thinking do I wish I had someone here with me? I don’t think so. I mean it would be great if prince charming would be here, but that would make me a princess and I am too much of a “wonder” woman for it. I think I explained myself in another post. It’s wonder-where-my-keys-are woman. No princess involved here, so no prince for me.

Ok, so I get it. I am a drama queen and all I want is a boy to define me. Oh, how I am just an old spinster and I have disappointed the whole society. Because being single is a disease and the only way to see yourself as successful is within a couple. No love necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being single and I don’t mind if that’s the end of it. Fine by me, I am a very fun company for myself. I travel a lot with myself, I take myself out for dinner, I have a lot of meaningful conversations with myself, I enjoy shoppin with myself or even a night in.

But seriously, where did all the love go? Is it the new generation that doesn’t work enough for “it” , is it the old generation a fake because they don’t have the courage to end it for different reasons and are stuck in sucky relationships? I guess the only ones who know the meaning of love, how to keep it and how to remain faithful to your other half are the penguins 🐧.

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